Zero debt – is it achievable? Rejoice for it can be done!

Date Posted: April 21, 2022
By: Maggie Marques

Zero debt is not an impossible dream if you want it to happen. Will it be easy? We wish! Difficult, yes, but becoming debt-free can be done. Remember the time when you started incurring debt? It did not happen overnight. The same is true when it comes to the road to zero debt. Little by little, it will happen but remember that consistency is key.

Why start the road to zero debt? Here are some of the reasons why:

1. PEACE OF MIND. What better reason than being able to sleep in peace at night that there will be no debt collector on your door in the morning? Doctors say that stress is the culprit in major illnesses; can you imagine the stress of worrying about how to pay your bills and your debts simultaneously?

2. FINANCIAL LIBERTY! Imagine in a state of zero debt, and you have the freedom and the power to choose how to spend your money wisely. You are not at the mercy of creditors, and you can walk and not worry about being reminded of your obligations.

3. SWELLING BANK ACCOUNT. Over time, even if it takes longer, you will be able to start building your savings account. Dollar after dollar, you will see your emergency fund becoming a reality, you start building up your retirement fund, and even have a different savings fund for your travels and personal luxuries.

4. BETTER CREDIT SCORE. With a high credit score, you will get better deals for loan applications and even gain favor from possible landlords when you rent and possibly not pay for deposits on your utilities!

These are only some of the benefits if you become zero debt. But for all these good things to happen, you need to start now. Start with baby steps, and before you know it, you are finally debt-free!

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