Debt settlement: How much should I offer?

Date Posted: December 23, 2021
By: Maggie Marques

First, we need to know what a debt settlement is. Settling your debt means you will repay some of the money you owe. Whatever is left is considered forgiven. Debt settlement is one option if you want to settle debts but can’t afford to pay them in full.

What percentage should I offer to settle a debt?

You can start offering 30% of the amount of your outstanding balance. The easier route is to speak to settlement companies to do this for you. You can talk to the person in charge of the debt settlement department and then plead your case. But deal only with legitimate companies to help you settle your obligations.

You may wonder why your debtors would be willing to accept your debt settlement and why they would “probably” get such a measly amount from the original amount you owe. They would be willing to let go of a substantial amount than not get at least a portion of their money. As they say, “small is better than nothing.”

Can you DIY a settlement?

The fact that you are eager to negotiate means that they know that you are willing to pay, which is good enough. If you are unsure about hiring a third party to settle for you, you can do it yourself. Admittedly, some companies promise you the moon and the stars but fall short when they deliver.

Before you get excited about debt settlement, you need to be aware of the possible repercussions because of your decision. Your credit score will be affected, and you might have difficulty getting better interest rates. If you believe you will be financially better soon, you might want to consider getting debt relief instead.

Would it be wise to consult or hire a debt settlement company? You can do it yourself, but a reputable company can help you carry less burden.

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