Troubled and worried? Pay the debt and be set free! Here’s how

Date Posted: April 29, 2022
By: Maggie Marques

We’ve discussed how you can pay the debt that you owe your lenders. First, we create a budget, pay more than the minimum requirement, and take advantage of balance transfers by consolidating our debts. Those are reasonable steps moving forward, but they will not be enough. The longer you have been on the wrong financial path, the longer it takes to go back. But, there is hope! As long as you start doing what is right now, no matter how small the step may be, it will bring you closer to being financially independent and debt-free.

Add to the tips we have shared before, to pay the debt faster, is to steer clear of online stores until you can control your shopping tendencies. Yes, it is convenient, faster, and easy, but at this point, you need to be able to save every dollar possible and pool it in your debt repayment fund.

Changing your habits regarding spending and holding on to things can significantly help you achieve your goal faster. Speaking of having a debt repayment fund, you can pay the debt quicker if you look around your house and sell unused items, like gifts gathering dust or reusable items that are no longer useful for you. Once you reach your goal, try your best not to turn back to the habits of old that led you to your financial ruin.

Financial experts say that you don’t need to cancel your credit card account as you would need this for your credit score. Ideally, if you can muster enough willpower to stop using it while you are doing everything you can to pay the debt you owe, stop using your credit card while keeping the account active.

It may not be popular, but seeking help from a credit counseling agency can be beneficial to help you get the success you need in your desire to pay the debt owed.

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