Is it worth it to settle a debt?

Date Posted: January 28, 2023
By: Maggie Marques

Is it worth it to settle a debt? It depends on what your financial situation may be. Debt settlement is a good option if filing for bankruptcy is imminent. This is a good option when you cannot make payments or anticipate significant financial difficulty in the foreseeable future.

Settling a debt may be a good option, but remember that this can also negatively impact your credit score. The best thing to do now is to consult a credit counselor or financial advisor to guide you on the next steps.

When is it worth it to settle a debt?

Debt settlement can be a good alternative if you are experiencing the following scenarios:

  1. Unsecured debts. Credit card debts and even medical bills are considered unsecured debts. So if these are the obligations, you want to apply for a debt settlement. You will also have a bigger chance of getting approved with your debt settlement application with credit cards than settling a debt with a home mortgage or car loan.
  2. Debts are remarkably past due. Applying for a debt settlement will not automatically guarantee that your creditor will agree. Remember that you will always be at the mercy of the one who lent you money. But if your outstanding obligations are significantly past due already, there is a big possibility that your creditor will be willing to accept your offer in negotiating your debt.
  3. Bankruptcy vs. debt settlement. Your debtor might agree to a debt settlement if the former is the only option.

You don’t only have to prepare for the negative consequences of your credit score if you apply for a debt settlement. Debt settlement may also carry a tax liability for the forgiven amount. To help you develop the best possible solutions, consult a financial professional first to help you realize if it is worth settling a debt.


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