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Date Posted: November 7, 2023
By: Maggie Marques

Looking to find debt relief in Illinois today? Understandably, debt is a heavy burden for many Americans. So, if you are struggling with debt in Illinois, there are options you can consider to help you with the burden.

Credit counseling

Credit counseling can help you create a budget as you manage your debts. A counselor will work with you and help you come up with a debt management plan. This plan can help you manage your finances and help you pay off your debts. There are legal aid professionals who offer free credit counseling if you need it.

Debt consolidation

If you have existing debts, you can consolidate it into one. This will simplify your problems as you only need to think of one due date and debt consolidation could possibly give you a lower interest rate. You can get these debt consolidation loans through financial institutions like banks and credit unions.

Debt settlement

This kind of debt relief involves talking with your creditors and asking them to allow you to settle your debts for less than the amount you owe them. This is a viable option especially if you have a big amount to settle with them and you can’t keep up with your repayment. Debt settlement may  not be the best option all the time as this can have a negative impact on your credit score.


This kind of debt relief is considered as the last resort. It can wipe off all of your debts but it can be complicated. Illinois residents can file for Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 13, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12, depending on the need but you need to understand your options and make educated decisions. Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer to help you understand the process. 

If you are struggling with debt, there are several options for you. Find debt relief in Illinois today to help you get back up on solid ground financially. There are options available for you. You only need to understand the process, and the pros and cons. Consult a professional to help and guide you with the process.

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